Community Meetings 

Our Meetings are held 4 times a year at the Harundale Presbyterian Church on East way. They are now set on the first Wednesday of the month indicated

Please note that due to the ongoing Covid 19 conditions the August meeting will not be held. We are dedicated to the community and continue to perform our daily operations. if there are any concerns feel free to contact us via phone or Email. Stay healthy and safe and we hope to resume by the next scheduled meeting.

They start promptly at 6:30 PM.

February 5th 2020

WILL YOU BE THERE! Please be sure to tell your neighbors of the new times!

Want to make changes? Want to make a difference?  SHOW UP!


While the weather breaks and we would normally be looking forward to the gathering of friends, neighbors and family we instead are in the midst of a worldwide situation. We are aware of the social impacts, cancellations of major events and the hardships that these times are creating. stay strong and remember to look out for each other. We will do our best to provide updates, links and assistance to our community as well as those outside of it if needed. We will get through this together.  Please continue to follow the recommendations and guidelines provided.  Hoping for all to be safe and healthy.          Please see the updates listed below

Please click the link below for current status of plan by both the Governor and the County Executive

Covid update as of May 5th.  please see the link below for the latest plan by the Govenor.


Stay Safe and Stay Healthy – We will get through this TOGETHER!



Mosquito Control

The Dept of Agriculture is beginning to start the spray program once again for the Mosquito control. please see the links below for the information regarding the program. 

mosquito fog night 2020

Community mosq 2020

Exemption mosq2020

Community Information


Never invite a solicitor in your home. SCAMS are very prevalent right now and if your not sure, DO NOT answer your door!!!! 

Department of Health 

We are still looking forward to the data collected during the walk through of the community.  

Roadside Signage

As you drive along the roads today you have undoubtedly seen signs stuck to poles trees and sign poles as well as every corner in grassy areas. regardless of what they say and are for they are illegal and are not supposed to be there. just like many other laws these are not enforced and the people that put them there are often doing in the late hours of the night. The simple truth is that they are trash and look terrible if left to pile up and not be removed. The fact is they are removed at a cost to us as taxpayers. They are never removed by those who put them up.

Fact: The only signage that is allowed by law at present is those which are placed for real estate sales and openings of complexes or condos or new home communities. these are permitted from Friday through Sunday each week and are removed by the companies hired to place them there like clockwork.

The Harundale Community has a no sign policy and we will enforce it within the boundaries of our community.

This not only includes the “we Buy”, “Close Out Sale”, Advertisements and Service signs but will also include ANY signage like “LOST”, For Sale”,”yard Sale” etc. This includes all streets in and through the boundaries known as Harundale – Oakwood Park. There are no exceptions to this policy. As soon as they are seen they will be removed. The only exception to placement of signs as long as they are 2 foot by 3 foot or smaller is within the individual property owned by the residents.

We are committed to the continued efforts of making our community a clean and safe place.

Help Prevent Car Theft and Property Theft

It all starts when you park your car!  LOCK your vehicles!

The most common criminal offense found in all communities today is one of sheer convenience and opportunity… WE can end the crime by using a common sense approach of out of sight out of mind as well as locking your vehicle when parked.

We have all heard stories or even lived in the day when “you could leave the keys in the ignition or leave your front door open all night”! Well guess what, those days are long gone!!! The police department and HOPCA have spoke in great lengths regarding the details of these crimes and what we found is that by taking personal items out of the view of passer byes and locking the doors, you reduce your risk of theft or damage almost completely!!! there is a national program that is growing that supports the act of locking your car and hiding your items like phones, note pads and GPS devices. DO YOUR PART and become the solution instead of the victim. HIDE LOCK AND TAKE

What to Do If the Lights Go Out

Prepare today! Make an emergency plan and talk about it with your family to help everyone know what steps to take.

Power out or downed wires?
Call to report it!
Go to to learn more

  • Keep flashlights, a battery-powered radio and fresh batteries handy.
  • Check on elderly neighbors and those with special needs who might need additional assistance.
  • Unplug sensitive electronics and appliances like space heaters to prevent damage when power is restored.
  • Keep the fridge and freezer doors and drawers closed, and wrap the fridge in blankets to help insulate it.
  • Keep curtains closed and limit trips outside to maintain temperature for a longer period.

Prepare today! Make an emergency plan and talk about it with your family to help everyone know what steps to take.

Roadwork information

The conversations of continued roadwork continues from the heels of the last road that was completed this past winter. while there are no current roads on slate, the meetings and conversations are ongoing.

Those who live on roads that have not seen any improvement should keep calling the Northern District roads for requests!  It helps to keep them hearing from those that are impacted!


 If you call be sure to write down date , name of person you spoke with and the information they gave you as we are now in constant communication regarding this and there have been issues with the way the department has been handling the calls. we need this to expedite our efforts!!!  Also while we are trying to do this please keep in mind that the law states( in short) that repairs are the responsibility of the homeowner however there are some exceptions so be kind while speaking with these people as the old saying goes you get more with sugar…


To help improve our community by participating in committees and community event planning. HELP SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY.

Community Clean-Up / Ride Through

This is a process that is carried out several times a year where a ride through the community is completed and any violations that are seen at the time of the ride are documented. Vehicles in any violation are tagged at the time and if needed a letter is also sent. homes in violation are sent a letter. If there are questions or concerns feel free to call or email us. 

Abandoned Houses

There has been quite a bit of activity on homes in our area where the banks are starting to clean up and sell the properties that have been sitting.  This is great to see however if you see activity in a home and are not sure that they should be there please notify the police so that they can assure proper identity and purpose of being there.

We are asking for help in notifying the Harundale Civic Association to report abandoned properties so that the owners can be contacted and asked to maintain their properties. In the event the owner can’t be contacted, we will make arrangements to secure the property and cut the lawn.

PODS and Storage Containers,Personal storage units are illegal when placed on the street in Anne Arundel County. These units must be placed on the homeowner’s property (not the section between the street and sidewalk), and are limited to a six week period per county code. These units may only stay on your property for a longer period of time if you have a valid building permit, however six months is the absolute longest allowable period. Our community association will report all violations to the necessary authorities.