2018 Meetings

First Tuesday of the month listed at the Harundale Presbyterian Church Lounge Area
February 20186th6:30pm
May 20181st6:30pm
August 20187th6:30pm
November 20186th6:30pm

WILL YOU BE THERE! Please be sure to tell your neighbors of the new times!

A simple note on meetings. A community can only improve with information that is shared as a group! I see comments on social media from all kinds of residents who NEVER seem to be able to speak their minds in a forum that matters! The only thing that accomplishes is a perception from others that may not be true!

Want to make changes? Want to make a difference?  SHOW UP!


Please be safe this Spring / Summer season and when it gets really hot think of your neighbors and check in on them. and dont forget your pets too. Enjoy the season

Mosquito Control Program

Once again our community has been approved for and will be participating in the program. we will list the application dates as they become available closer to the season. Please understand that this not an eradication of the larvae rather a control of existing population. Therefore we all must do our part to help control the breeding which happens in ANY container that holds water! A trash can lid, an empty flower pot. After a rain go around and check to see if there are items that are holding water, if so they will be the next mosquito larvae breeding places. Please check the link below for the details of our assigned spray nights.


Exemption 2018

Community Information

Fourth of July Gathering

Come down to the park on Guildford road and join us for a holiday get together. Feel free to bring a comfy chair, blanket and a favorite cold beverage and join us for food, music by DJ Taylor and games under the big tent. It should kick off about 2 PM on Saturday the 30th of June, due to the fact that the fourth is a weekday.  Rain or shine

Help Prevent Car Theft and Property Theft

It all starts when you park your car!

The most common criminal offense found in all communities today is one of sheer convenience and opportunity… WE can end the crime by using a common sense approach of out of sight out of mind as well as locking your vehicle when parked.

We have all heard stories or even lived in the day when “you could leave the keys in the ignition or leave your front door open all night”! Well guess what, those days are long gone!!! The police department and HOPCA have spoke in great lengths regarding the details of these crimes and what we found is that by taking personal items out of the view of passer byes and locking the doors, you reduce your risk of theft or damage almost completely!!! there is a national program that is growing that supports the act of locking your car and hiding your items like phones, note pads and GPS devices. DO YOUR PART and become the solution instead of the victim. HIDE LOCK AND TAKE

What to Do If the Lights Go Out

Prepare today! Make an emergency plan and talk about it with your family to help everyone know what steps to take.

Power out or downed wires?
Call to report it!
Go to www.BGE.com to learn more

  • Keep flashlights, a battery-powered radio and fresh batteries handy.
  • Check on elderly neighbors and those with special needs who might need additional assistance.
  • Unplug sensitive electronics and appliances like space heaters to prevent damage when power is restored.
  • Keep the fridge and freezer doors and drawers closed, and wrap the fridge in blankets to help insulate it.
  • Keep curtains closed and limit trips outside to maintain temperature for a longer period.

Prepare today! Make an emergency plan and talk about it with your family to help everyone know what steps to take.

Roadwork information

Saunders Way is being reworked. This is great news for the neighborhood as it has been along time coming. Please see the link regarding the letter.Saunders Way, May 11,2018 road work Also pleased be patient with the work as it will take some time to complete but the focus should be placed on the end result. once completed parking will not be allowed over the curb. There will be aprons for driveways placed at every house even if one is not there now. Sidewalks, curbs and aprons will be replaced along the way and if a resident has replaced any or all of this prior, I am sorry to say that it will be removed and redone to work with the new grade level of the roadway. They are also going to address the trees that may impact the progress as well. If you have a vehicle parked over the sidewalk or curb-line at the start of the work it will be removed at a cost to the owner so lets help get ready for the new look to Saunders Way. If there are any questions feel free to email or call the association.

There are a few homes that currently have water pipes running through the ground to the street for the water discharge from the gutter systems. this is actually against code from the government and EPA. while work is being done if this is found the workers WILL NOT be allowed to reconnect these lines/ please see the link. SUMP PUMP DISCHARGE final version_as of 2018-05-08 Once the work is completed over the curb parking will not be permitted. trailers cars and other vehicles must be along the street with proper tags or in your driveway.

I have spoken with our constituent services liaison and she wants to know as well!  If you are on a road that has NOT been completely refinished and want action please take the time to make your voice heard. after several conversation with her she stated she wants to hear from those who are effected, so here is your opportunity. Sara Gannon, east county and part of Glen Burnie —exgann22@aacounty.org, 410-222-1323.

There are only nine roads left that have not had the full rework done! Last year a new ratings list was created and even corrected due to a physical drive through which enabled those involved to judge for themselves the true conditions of the streets. they are aware and are attempting to add a road or two into the annual repairs for our area every couple years as well as other areas too. Patience is the key even when it starts to wear thin.

Those who live on roads that have not seen any improvement should keep calling the Northern District roads for requests!  It helps to keep them hearing from those that are impacted!


 If you call be sure to write down date , name of person you spoke with and the information they gave you as we are now in constant communication regarding this and there have been issues with the way the department has been handling the calls. we need this to expedite our efforts!!!  Also while we are trying to do this please keep in mind that the law states( in short) that repairs are the responsibility of the homeowner however there are some exceptions so be kind while speaking with these people as the old saying goes you get more with sugar…


To help improve our community by participating in committees and community event planning. HELP SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY.

Community Clean-Up / Ride Through

This type of community work is not the popular thing for some however it is needed and for those same that it is not popular chances are it is due to the fact that your in violation of a community, county or state violation. It is not our intention to single out any one home and make no mistake, all that are in violation will be cited. for too long in the past things were left alone and we will not do that.

Your way of living and care taken with your property may not bother you however this is a neighborhood therefore we your neighbors may be offended!  If we see or receive a complaint we act on it as soon as humanly possible. We will investigate and see if the issue is a violation and if so we will issue a letter and file a zoning report, The Deeds & Agreements that all residents are bound to in our HOA can and will supersede county and state regulations and we will enforce them to benefit the whole community rather than the individual person most times.

We hire police officers to conduct our community ride through and extra security when needed. This service provides us with the necessary information to file zoning violations throughout our community. Please check our web site for updates and important phone numbers related to this community.  If there is a question regarding this process feel free to come to a meeting to discuss it. We would love to see you there.

Abandoned Houses

There has been quite a bit of activity on homes in our area where the banks are starting to clean up and sell the properties that have been sitting.  This is great to see however if you see activity in a home and are not sure that they should be there please notify the police so that they can assure proper identity and purpose of being there.

We are asking for help in notifying the Harundale Civic Association to report abandoned properties so that the owners can be contacted and asked to maintain their properties. In the event the owner can’t be contacted, we will make arrangements to secure the property and cut the lawn.

PODS and Storage ContainersPersonal storage units are illegal when placed on the street in Anne Arundel County. These units must be placed on the homeowner’s property (not the section between the street and sidewalk), and are limited to a six week period per county code. These units may only stay on your property for a longer period of time if you have a valid building permit, however six months is the absolute longest allowable period. Our community association will report all violations to the necessary authorities.