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2015 Meetings- NEW - First Tuesday of the month listed

 6:30 PM at the Harundale Presbyterian Church Lounge Area

We have heard that people wanted a new time and day to come to the meetings
February 3rd 630PM
May 5th 630PM
August 4th 630PM
November 3rd 630PM
Please be sure to tell your neighbors of the new times! see you there.

Community Information

Let's think Spring/Summer

Spring and Summer are upon us and the temperatures as usual in Maryland are all over the place. we need to make sure that we are looking out for each other as the temps get hotter so if you have an elderly neighbor reach out and make sure they are ok. We also get the severe storms so I have kept the list below on the page as a reminder of things to do....

What to Do If the Lights Go Out

With thunderstorms of the season on their way, now is a good time to review things to do in the event of a power outage.

Keep flashlights, a battery-powered radio and fresh batteries handy.

Check on elderly neighbors and those with special needs who might need additional assistance.

Unplug sensitive electronics and appliances like space heaters to prevent damage when power is restored.

Keep the fridge and freezer doors and drawers closed, and wrap the fridge in blankets to help insulate it.

Keep curtains closed and limit trips outside to maintain temperature for a longer period.

Prepare today! Make an emergency plan and talk about it with your family to help everyone know what steps to take.


Power out or downed wires?
Call to report it!
Go to www.BGE.com to learn more

Community Yard Sale

Plans for next year are being discussed.

Roadwork information

There are plans to have more roadwork done in the fiscal 2015 year! this is great news and our voices are being heard. After an extensive meeting with the director of infrastructure followed by a drive through the areas we were able to get a better understanding of the roads, curbs and sidewalk repairs process. there is to much detail to list that here however we can say that there was a great deal of productivity from the day. the rating system used was updated due to the visual inspection and there are a few more roads slated for completion within our community! 

Those who live on roads that have not seen any improvement should keep calling the Northern District roads for requests!  It helps to keep them hearing from those that are impacted!


 If you call be sure to write down date , name of person you spoke with and the information they gave you as we are now in constant communication regarding this and there have been issues with the way the department has been handling the calls. we need this to expedite our efforts!!!  Also while we are trying to do this please keep in mind that the law states( in short) that repairs are the responsibility of the homeowner however there are some exceptions so be kind while speaking with these people as the old saying goes you get more with sugar....


To help improve our community by participating in committees and community event planning. HELP SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY.

Community Clean-Up / Ride Through

This type of community work is not the popular thing for some however it is needed and for those same that it is not popular chances are it is due to the fact that your in violation of a community, county or state violation. It is not our intention to single out any one home and make no mistake, all that are in violation will be cited. for too long in the past things were left alone and we will not do that. 

Your way of living and care taken with your property may not bother you however this is a neighborhood therefore we your neighbors may be offended!  If we see or receive a complaint we act on it as soon as humanly possible. We will investigate and see if the issue is a violation and if so we will issue a letter and file a zoning report, The Deeds & Agreements that all residents are bound to in our HOA can and will supersede county and state regulations and we will enforce them to benefit the whole community rather than the individual person most times.

We hire police officers to conduct our community ride through and extra security when needed. This service provides us with the necessary information to file zoning violations throughout our community. Please check our web site for updates and important phone numbers related to this community.  If there is a question regarding this process feel free to come to a meeting to discuss it. We would love to see you there.

Abandoned Houses

There has been quite a bit of activity on homes in our area where the banks are starting to clean up and sell the properties that have been sitting.  This is great to see however if you see activity in a home and are not sure that they should be there please notify the police so that they can assure proper identity and purpose of being there.

We are asking for help in notifying the Harundale Civic Association to report abandoned properties so that the owners can be contacted and asked to maintain their properties. In the event the owner can't be contacted, we will make arrangements to secure the property and cut the lawn.

PODS and Storage Containers
Personal storage units are illegal when placed on the street in Anne Arundel County. These units must be placed on the homeowner's property (not the section between the street and sidewalk), and are limited to a six week period per county code. These units may only stay on your property for a longer period of time if you have a valid building permit, however six months is the absolute longest allowable period. Our community association will report all violations to the necessary authorities.
Harundale Presbyterian Church
Worship on Sundays at 10:30 AM, child care is provided, all are welcome. Come and be nourished and encouraged in faith. We are located at 1020 East Way (next to the library). Our phone number is 410-766-4338. Please visit us at our web address which is www.harundalepc.org

Citizens information Center

This is a quick link to the Anne Arundel government pages.

click here to view

Curbside Trash 

it is important for everyone to wait until the night before the scheduled day to set out your cans and debris. Please return your containers from the curb area as soon as possible.

Remember also that if your scheduled day of collection falls on a holiday, your pickup day moves to the day after!

While driving through the neighborhood today, on trash day, I witnessed several drivers that did not give right of way to the men working on the waste removal trucks! In fact one of the guys almost got hit!!! Can we please slow down and give these hard working individuals a few moments to do their job!!! Just a little patience.. They are working for you!

All of us have now received the BIG yellow recycle bins!

If there are any problems or concerns you can contact Waste collections at 410-222-6103

More information regarding curbside trash is available at this link.

curbside trash pickup


Signage placed along our roadways
ALL signs will be removed immediately unless the participant has made arrangements for their placement and removal through this community association.

Community Information

Grass Cutting along the highway

Every year we run into an issue where the state who maintains 700 miles off roadway grass cutting waits until the grass is 3 feet tall and 50 calls from us to cut it! We have taken calls from you the concerned neighbors and we continue to call the various agencies that are linked to the final goal.  So that everyone knows the middle median area is contracted out to the county and maintained by a private company as part of the beautification act and it works however the state maintains the rest of the areas and obviously that doesn't work so well.

We the officers of the community are not settling for this any longer and we will keep everyone updated on the progress. as of now this is escalated from the delegates office to the senators office and now is at the governors desk where we are awaiting a schedule for a meeting to discuss changes on process and procedures on how this matter is dealt with for the future of our community! stay tuned for updates.

We have cut the grass that's correct WE not the state and we will continue to attempt our efforts to work with the state to get this properly maintained for our community appearance.


Mosquito Control

The Maryland dept. of Agriculture once again has included our community in the mosquito sprat program which will start up as activity grows between now and June.

WE must all do our part in assisting the control of these nasty insects....

Do not allow rain water to accumulate in buckets, trash can lids or anything that holds water! Turn these items upside down or keep lids on their cans. IT ALL STARTS WITH US!

Our area will be sprayed on Thursday nights between the hours of 7pm and 2:40 am. Training of the technicians begins on May 27 - June 10th and regular treatments should begin June 11th and run possible through October if needed. 

Visit mosquito_control for more information

Zoning and permits information


 18-17-102.  Inoperable and unregistered vehicles.

 (a)   Definition. For purposes of this section, the term "vehicle" means a motor vehicle, trailer, or boat.

 (b)   Scope. This section does not apply to the storage of vehicles as accessory to a marina or a service and sales facility or to the storage of unregistered vehicles within a roofed structure entirely enclosed on all sides.

  (c)   Prohibition. Except as provided otherwise by this article, land may not be used for the parking, storage, collection, accumulation, or abandonment of any inoperable, wrecked, partially dismantled, or destroyed vehicle or of any vehicle that does not display all information required by law, including a current registration plate and validation sticker.


Pet Owners

Dogs may be “man’s best friend” and a delightful sight, but if owners are negligent, dogs can also be quite a public nuisance. For instance, owners who fail to pick up after their pets contribute to the spread of disease and create an undesirable walking environment. Dog poop can carry tapeworm, salmonella, and E. coli, diseases that might not be a direct harm to humans, but that can easily spread to other animals. Not to mention that rainwater washes the waste into drains, therefore requiring more sanitation efforts and potentially lowering the quality of water. Therefore, it is crucial that dog owners heed dog poop and leash laws.

There is a pet station cleanup located in the triangle on Guildford road that is used by many of our residents. Thank You! However sadly to say there are several dog owners that walk their pets in our park areas and along the medians and feel there is no need to comply with the laws and common respect for others. Dogs should always be leashed in public areas regardless of the nature of the animal and you should pick up after your pet when they go in these areas. You know who you are and so do we!!!



Holiday Party


Santa Tour 2015    TBD

1st running of the Harundale Express- 2014

We cant even begin to thank the handful of people involved in making this event happen!

The Kistner Family (Non Resident)

The Jackson Family  (Resident)

The Lewis Family (Resident)

The Walton Family (Resident)

The Rubin Family (Resident)

AutoGrafix Inc. for the lettering (Non Resident)

Arundle Seafood For the donation of sound equipment

(Non Resident)

I hope that this is a new tradition that will last and improve with time!

Click here to view more photos and other past events


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