Glen Burnie Library is celebrating its 50th Anniversary here on East way Road.

On May 4th, at 11:00 am which is the exact date of the 50th, they will be having a big birthday party with cake, games, and crafts.  Brusters will be coming over with the ice cream.  

We also are looking for favorite memories of growing up with the library. if you have any pics or special memories to share please send them via email, attention JoAnn Griffith.

More information will be provided as we get closer to the big day!!



The “Harundale Express” Santa Run

This was the first running of the Harundale Express! As many know the tour use to use the fire department and Santa would ride on top. Over the years and with the help of the ever popular ” Politically Correctness” and ” litigation World” the fire department was forced to make policy changes. These changes were to protect the fire department. Unfortunately our mission with the Santa Tour was lost in the mix and we decided to get back to what we wanted to do! So we started the “Harundale Express” project. Knowing that this was the first run we were aware that we would find issues to deal with ( very few) and we hope that this will only get better with time and be a long tradition to the community. Please see some pictures below with the build and the outcome as well as some of the run itself.  If there are any pictures that were taken that turned out well and you would like to send them for possible addition to the page send and e-mail to us at  Thank you!

Harundale Express run for 2018 will be December 15th (Rain Date 21st)

Well it seems that Mother Nature has not been very helpful this year! 

Yes there is a Rain Date and guess what there is a strong forecast for more RAIN!  We have never missed the opportunity to do this run because of the weather and this year will not be an exception…. 

We have made a decision to change the run to the middle of the week being as it is the only time that we have left…Same times but on Wednesday evening. While we know that this may be inconvenient for some it is about the greater good.  Santa sends his apologies and hopes to see everyone then!!!  

The express will start on that day at about 4 pm. We start on the West side of the community at Manor and Ashington and continue along that side of the Highway, South including the sections of Oakwood Park and the Plaza. we then cross over at Preston and continue North finishing out on Amberly.

Please understand that the entire run takes about 4 hours depending on the amount of kids and kids alike, traffic and road conditions. also there are several roads that are duplicated due to the one way aspects that we have. Listen for the noise of sirens and music and try to be waiting as much as possible but please know that if we get past you on one street just come over to the next one!!

We are also trying something new and tech savvy. This year Santa will be able to be tracked via GPS Tracking systems. Information will be sent to every home in the community that will have a web site and login information. From Smart phone ,laptop or desk top, all will be able to login and track in real time where Santa is! We think that this should be fantastic for all.

We look forward to this run each year and hope that we see you out at the corners of your block.

If you have any photos feel free to share them through the email or the Blog page on this site.